Themed Parties

For only $99 we customized your spa party package of the theme of choice


A fairytale come true!

  • All services will be inspired in the princess chosen

  • Beautiful balloon column of the princess' colors and crowned with a giant balloon of princess chosen. It can be snow flake for ice princess, glass shoe for Cinderella, rose for Beauty and the Beast, apple for Snow White, yellow column and flowers to resemble Rapunzel's braid, etc...  

  • Craft will also be inspired by the princess chosen (Jewerly and wands will be inspired by the colors of the princess chosen)

Add-on's available


An under the sea adventure!

  • Spa Services inspired by mermaid theme: For example, cute sea star and flowers to decorate hair and glitter, mermaid makeup with jewels, one mermaid nail sticker for nails and toes.

  • Beautiful mermaid tail balloon column and bubble machine

  • Craft: DIY seashell

Add-on's available


Over the rainbow...

  • Spa services inspired by unicorn theme

  • For the other guests: hairstyle decorated with flowers and glitter, and rainbow mini mani, mini pedi and make up

  • Beautiful rainbow balloon column crowned with giant unicorn balloon

  • Craft: DIY unicorn head band

Add-on's available

Fairy Tea Party

May I have some tea please?!

  • For the birthday girl: fancy hat with flowers or flower crown, necklace and fairy wings to keep, fairy fancy make up and flower nail sticker for nails and toes. 

  • For the other guests: fancy hat with flowers or flower crown, necklace and fairy wings to wear during the event, spring colors mini mani, mini pedi and make up.

  • Beautiful table set up with fairy mini tea set, flower garlands, and pasty stand. Includes lemonade as tea and bite size pastry.

  • Golden carriage decorated with flower garlands to display the cake and treats

  • Craft: DIY Fairy wand

Add-on's available

Winter wonderland

The cold never bothered me anyway...

  • Spa Services inspired by the Snow Queen and Sister

  • For the other guests: hairstyle decorated with flowers and glitter, glowing make up, glitter coat on nails and toes.

  • Beautiful winter wonderland inspired balloon column decorated with snowflakes and snow machine.

  •  Craft: DIY snow fairy fizz

Add-on's available


Summer in Hawaii party

  • Spa services inspired by Hawaiian Princess

  • For the other guests: hairstyle decorated with flowers and glitter, Hawaiian lei to use during the event, nail polish of choice for mini mani and mini pedi

  • Beatiful balloon garland decorated with tropical flowers

  • Craft: DIY Hawaiian necklace

Add-on's available

Glow in the dark

Dancing in a glowing forest

  • For the birthday girl: hairstyle with glow in the dark tiara and glitter, glow in the dark make up or small face paint design and glow in the dark nail polish for nails and toes.

  • For the other guests: hairstyle with glow in the dark paint or hair extension, small glow in the dark face paint design, glow in the dark nail polish for nails and toes.

  • UV lights to transform any venue into a glowing forest,  our staff with wear glow in the dark accessories and fog machine. 

  • Craft: Glow in the dark jewelry

*Each guest will get glow in the dark accessories: glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, glasses, etc...

Add-on's available

Creative art

Create and have fun!

  • Every guest will get aprons, canvas, painting kits and easels. 

  • They will each DIY their own cupcake

  • Birthday girl will get her canvas signed by all guests

*This package does not include spa services

Add-on's available

Make it yours

Tell us your vision and we'll make it happen

  • We'll provide you with a specific quote based on what requires to bring your vision come to life.


Add-on's available

Favorite Doll

Lovie dollie! LOL

  • Birthday girl will get hairstyle inspired by doll and glitter, makeup with gem on cheek, sticker for nails and toes

  • The other guests will get hairstyle decorated with white flowers and glitter

  • Balloon column topped with doll giant balloon 

  • Craft: DIY Sleep mask


Add-on's available


Together we can save the world...

  • Face paint for every guest

  • Colored hair spray: spiky hairstyle for boys and any of the three hairstyles available for the girls

  • Balloon column inspired in the superhero 

  • Scavenger Hunt: every guest will receive a flashlight and a bag and hunt for the different mini creatures around the venue

  • Musical chairs and the limbo

*This package only include face paint and hairstyle. No other spa service is included.

Add-on's available

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