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The Glowing Tree Massage

We are a real Kids  Spa after-all!

Preformed by Licensed Massage Therapist

Fully clothed massage takes the anxiety of removing your clothing out of the equation.* There is no need to fear.​It also removes the need for lotions and oils in clients that are allergic to these substances. It makes the massage therapy more accesible. Fully clothed massage does not require a special darkened room.

Stress, muscle spasms, pain, and knots can all be successfully treated

Relax and enjoy this fully clothed massage to re-energize your mind and body with techniques such as trigger point, acupressure and reflexology on massage table.

Special You Fully Clothed Relaxing Massage

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*Yes, massages can still be therapeutic while the client is fully clothed. The potencial benefits of massage therapy are the same weather the client is clothed or not. It can be just as beneficial.

Great for neck, back and shoulders!

Chair Massage

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Pediatric and Infant Massage

*The Glowing Tree Kid Spa recommends booking in advance to ensure availability.